Privacy Notice

About us

The Odeuropa project is a European research project which explores the role that the sense of smell and smelling have in our cultural heritage. UCL will be the “controller” of the information that we collect through your involvement in this survey.  Dr Georgios Alexopoulos (the “Researcher”) is a researcher at UCL and will be analysing the data as a “processor” on behalf of Odeuropa.

About the project

We’re asking you to take part in research that is being carried out on behalf of Odeuropa. The purpose of this research is to assess the impact of olfactory techniques in the context of galleries, libraries, archives and museums. The research survey will include questions about your experience of taking part in this tour.

Use of information

During the usage of the app, we collect and process your interaction (such as clicks on buttons, page visited, etc.) in an anonymised way, in order to improve the user experience for the next versions of the app.

The permission for the use of geo-localisation is only used to facilitate your engagement on the app,  by visualising your position on the map. We will not save nor send to a server the data about your location in any way, and this information is kept local on the device.

We respect your privacy and will treat all information gathered as part of your participation in this research confidentially. The information you provide will remain anonymous. If you have questions on the processing of your information  please contact us via email at

With whom will your information be shared?

The Researcher will not share your information with any third parties, except for storing your information using UCL’s secure data repository before deleting it.  The Researcher will only share anonymised information with Odeuropa, that is derived from the research but does not allow you to be identified.

Researchers contact information:

Dr Georgios Alexopoulos,

Dr Cecilia Bembibre,